Ship display with style! Free Shipping in Continental USA

A special perfect combo of ship model or boat models and display case from OMH will add a vintage and classic theme to your house and office. Whatever you collect or like to look at, display cases mean you can keep your favorite models on show but away from dust and sticky fingers. Our model coming with the case will be protected in the decorative are as well as during the transportation. We make high-quality combo of display cases and ship model in a wide range of sizes, styles with custom capability to suit every space and customer request.

What is special about OMH perfect combo?

For any collector, how their collection is displayed is the top priority and OMH makes sure to satisfy our customers with a combo of beautiful model and protection case that stand out in every space. Half the fun is not only in the actual act of collecting but in the joy of model ship display, and we try to achieve both goals in one combo. We have a wide variety of perfect combo with many colors and styles that fit your collection. Our display case and models are made from top grade wood with high quality and durability that are perfect to highlight the models in these display cases.



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