Collection: FLEET ADMIRAL Limited Edition- Extra Large Ship Model

Huge size collections 

Why settle for anything less than unbelievable! OMH offers those huge size quality model ships and large model ships that would amaze any collection's visitors. This special collection of professional model ships for sale exemplifies and demonstrates every detail and handcrafted ornament on the model. Our XX large size models will definitely add a special classic and vintage theme to your house!

What is special about this collection?

This collection only includes models that are 6 to 13 inches in length museum quality ship models for sale. We use only high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, oak, and mahogany and apply the best traditional real ship-making methods. We always make gorgeous museum-quality handcrafted model ships replicas of famous ships including cruise ship models for sale and antique model ships for sale, and sailing ship models for sale but with huge size, every small feature such as decks, cannons, bowsprit, masts,... will stand out by the hand of our craftsman. These long objects on display will make a perfect gift for boat enthusiasts or passionate collectors!

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