Titanic's Cinematic Legacy: A Perfect Gift from The Spyglass Shop

Experience the magic of the RMS Titanic with our cinematic model—a perfect gift seamlessly blending movie allure and historical authenticity. Compact, elegant, and easy to love, it's an ideal gift for any space. From movie set to your living space, unwrap the Titanic's legacy with a real piece of history, meticulously crafted by The Spyglass Shop.

The Fully Assembled Masterpiece:

The 25 inches small-sized Fully Assembled Titanic model ship is a true marvel. Built from scratch using the "plank on frame" construction method, our master craftsmen invest over 50 hours to perfect it. Painted in the original red, white, and black hues, the model boasts exquisite details, including plank decking, metal rails, lifeboats, davits, stairs, smoked stacks, anchors, and advanced rigging. Adorned with US, UK, and White Star flags, and proudly displaying the words "Titanic" and "home port Liverpool" on the hull, it rests on a solid wood base with a metal nameplate.

In every detail, our Titanic model captures the essence of a bygone era, inviting you to embark on a journey through history. It's not just a model; it's a timeless piece that pays homage to the grandeur and tragedy of the RMS Titanic.

Step into the enchanting world of the RMS Titanic, where the magic of the movies meets real-life history. Old Modern Handicraft has skillfully crafted a model that not only embodies the cinematic allure of the Titanic but also serves as a tangible piece of its storied past—a perfect gift for any space.

A Cinematic Journey Unveiled:

Picture holding in your hands a piece of iconic movie magic as you relive captivating scenes from the blockbuster film. Our Titanic model isn’t just a replica; it’s your ticket to a cinematic journey that comes alive in your own space.

Realism Beyond the Screen:

The Spyglass shop takes pride in bringing movie magic to life in tangible form. Carefully crafted with precision, our model is a true-to-life representation of the legendary RMS Titanic. Every element, from the majestic design to intricate details, captures the essence of the real ship, making it a remarkable and authentic gift.

Easy Elegance for Every Space:

What sets our Titanic Small size (25 inches) model apart is its perfect size, offering easy elegance for any space. Compact and effortlessly fitting into various settings, it's an ideal gift for movie buffs, history enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates a touch of elegance.

From Movie Set to Your Space:

Immerse yourself in the magic as our Titanic model seamlessly transcends the boundaries between the big screen and your living space. It's not just a prop from a movie; it's a tangible piece of history, ready to be touched, held, and cherished. Whether gifted to a loved one or kept for yourself, you're bringing a slice of the Titanic's cinematic charm into your world.

A Real Gift with Cinematic Charm:

Unwrap the allure of the Titanic's movie legacy with our model—a perfect gift that's easy to love, display, and cherish. It's not just a model; it's a real piece of the Titanic's story, waiting to grace any space with its cinematic charm.

Made with care, it's a masterpiece that brings history to life, giving you a piece of the past every time you look at it. To make sure your model gets to you safely, it's packed in a wooden box with cushions and tested to be sure it won't get damaged. Take the Titanic Model Ship home now!