Explore the Exquisite San Felipe Model Ship Crafted with Love and Authenticity

Dive into the fascinating world of maritime history with the exclusive San Felipe model ship. It's a beautiful blend of old-school craftsmanship and modern tech, made with top-notch wood and loads of attention to detail. Each model has its own special number, making it totally unique.

Crafted with Love:

These models aren't just put together—they're crafted with care. Skilled folks spend tons of hours making them using both classic methods and fancy technology. They use high-quality wood like rosewood, cedar, mahogany, and teak, and skip the plastic to keep things authentic.


Cool Details Everywhere:

From the front to the back, this ship is decked out with shiny brass and cool cannons. The wood is picked and arranged with care, making it look awesome. The back is like a piece of art, with brass ornaments, railings, figurines, and lanterns.


Build from High-quality materials by Master Handcraftsmanship

A labor of love, these models are meticulously handcrafted using a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology. The construction employs high-quality wood such as rosewood, western red cedar, mahogany, teak, and more. Craftsmen invest hundreds of hours to ensure museum-quality precision, eschewing plastic parts to preserve authenticity and an unmistakably genuine appearance.


Intricate Design and Detail

From bow to stern, the San Felipe model showcases an array of shiny brass fittings and cannons. Carefully selected wood pieces of varying shades and colors are meticulously arranged, creating an awe-inspiring aesthetic. The stern, adorned with an array of small brass ornaments, brass railing, figurines, and lanterns, emerges as a pinnacle of detailed artistry.

The decks of the model ship are a testament to the commitment to detail, comprised of numerous rectangular wooden pieces meticulously assembled. The main deck features round-shaped stairs connecting to the forecastle deck, adorned with lifeboats equipped with their own paddles. Moreover, the inclusion of intricate features like the skylight, ship bell, and ship wheel adds to the authenticity of this masterful creation.

Presented with its original flag, the San Felipe model rests upon a sturdy wooden base accompanied by an attached metal nameplate, bringing forth an air of sophistication. With a scale of 1:75, this masterpiece is a perfect embodiment of historical accuracy and artistic finesse.


This is the exclusive edition of the San Felipe model ship stands as an epitome of craftsmanship, offering a breathtakingly accurate portrayal of a historical vessel. From the meticulous selection of materials to the painstaking attention given to every minute detail, this model ship captures the imagination and awe of its admirers, presenting an unparalleled ode to maritime history.

History Comes Alive:

The San Felipe model ship isn't just a pretty face—it tells a cool story too. It's a Spanish galleon from the 17th century that did some serious battling against the British and French. Launched in 1690, armed with 96 cannons, it fought bravely in a 24-hour battle in 1705. Sadly, it got captured and sunk with a ton of gold onboard.


Size: 28.0L x 9.5W x 26.0H inches
Materials: Western red cedar, rosewood, mahogany + metal
Model number: T203

Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of history—order your authentic San Felipe model today and experience the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rich storytelling that sets The Spyglass Shop apart.