How do we build the Cruise Ship Model?

Discover the Artistry and Quality of Our Handcrafted Model Ships - Perfect for Display and Decor

To build our Cruise ship model, we used a combination of historical research and modern technology to create a craft model ship that is both historically accurate and visually stunning. 

It all starts with researching the original ship to ensure that every detail was captured and to make our model authentic. The historical blueprints, photographs, and other resources are used to get an in-depth understanding of the ship's design.

Once the materials were selected, our team of craftsmen got to work, using their expertise to bring the model to life. They paid close attention to every detail, from the ship's intricate rigging to the tiny details on the deck, to ensure that the model was as accurate as possible. The model is 100% hand built from scratch using a “plank on frame” construction method. Our master craftsmen have spent more than 100 hours finishing it. 

We take great pride in our collection of replica Cruise ship models, each meticulously crafted with plank on the frame construction and an unwavering attention to detail. With a faithful recreation of each ship's unique features, including a multitude of windows, 3 painted smoke stacks, numerous life boats on either side, masts, and flag poles, our craftsmen are able to finish each model in just a few hundred hours. Upon closer inspection of the deck, you'll notice the intricate details that bring each ship to life. Various staircases connect the main decks, all of which are made of brass. The railings and air vents are painted in a crisp white, providing a sharp contrast to the finely-crafted wooden deck. Unlike a single large piece of wood, our models feature a multitude of small pieces, seamlessly joined together to create a striking visual effect. The unique grain of each piece of wood adds to the model's authenticity and realism. Our models come fully assembled and complete with a wooden stand and metal nameplate, making them the perfect gift for home or office decorators, boat enthusiasts, or passionate collectors. If you're looking for an extraordinary display piece that captures the spirit and essence of these legendary ships, look no further than our replica Cruise ship models.

Step to build our model ships

Let us take you behind the scenes of how we create each piece with love and care with following steps of building.

Step 1: Our model ships are built to last in any weather. Using premium wood products, we maintain quality and beauty during transportation. Trust us to meet your customers' needs as a distributor or retailer

Step 2: Our model ships are built to scale and accurately represent the original vessel, with a key focus on the keel as a crucial component. By ensuring the highest level of precision and attention to detail, we provide high-value model ships that maximize profit for our distributors

Step 3: Our unique double-plank-frame method not only enhances the strength of our model ships but also increases their overall durability. This ensures that our model ships remain in excellent condition throughout their journey to your customers, providing added value and satisfaction for your business as a distributor

Step 4: We take great care in ensuring the aesthetic appeal of our model ships by employing a meticulous gluing and sanding process. This process guarantees a flawless finish that enhances the overall beauty of our products, making them more appealing to customers and increasing the chances of repeat business for our distributors

Step 5: The complete hull is essential for adding unique and eye-catching details to our model ships. Our expert craftsmanship guarantees a sturdy foundation for intricate design elements, ensuring our products stand out. As a distributor, offer your customers exceptional products with confidence

Step 6: The drilling of gun ports is a key step in highlighting the historical features that make each model ship unique and charming. This process imbues our model ships with a sense of soulfulness, making them more than just decorative pieces but also a meaningful representation of history. Let's offer your customers model ships that are both beautiful and meaningful

Step 7: Our museum-quality model ships are protected by a thin yet highly effective layer of wood, ensuring they remain unscathed during shipping and use. This layer of protection guarantees that our model ships arrive at their destination in pristine condition, providing added value and satisfaction for both distributors and customers alike

Step 8: Our skilled artisans meticulously bring every detail together during the intricate and time-consuming rigging process to create a truly gorgeous finished product. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, we ensure that every model ship is a masterpiece, offering distributors a product that is sure to impress customers and generate repeat business

Step 9: Our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers who display our model ships are not only satisfied but also proud of their exquisite decorations. To achieve this, we conduct thorough quality inspections before finishing, packing, and shipping our products. Our dedication to quality ensures that every model ship meets our high standards, providing distributors with products that they can be proud to offer to their customers

Step 10: We have rigorously tested and optimized our own packaging method to provide maximum protection for our valuable model ships during shipping. This ensures that our model ships arrive at their destination in pristine condition, providing added value and satisfaction for both distributors and customers. As a distributor, you can trust that our model ships will be delivered with the highest level of care and protection