Christmas Eve is the season that gives people a chance to gather their family members and hold a party with friends. To enjoy this moment you should not skip these activities.

Decoration ideas that can definitely lift your mood

Christmas-time, the need to put up and decorate a customary Christmas tree does not have to be verbally expressed. Pick a healthy-looking, moderately-sized Christmas tree that can be real or artificial.

Living room decor with the Queen Mary Wooden Model ship 

Wrap it around with multicolored glittering lights, and a few crystal balls for extra sparkle. Indispensable gift boxes are piled around the tree. We have a modern and lively Christmas tree. All you need are some lights and a few ornaments, or even none at all, to decorate your minimalist Christmas tree. Light up your living room and add some unique touch for the Holiday vibe with the famous Titanic model with lights!

Ready to display Titanic model ship with Lights

Nevertheless, less is more minimalism will definitely be featured in 2022's collection of Christmas trees. It's all about using only a few decorations. All you need are some lights and a few ornaments, or even none at all, to decorate your minimalist Christmas tree.  The Bristol Yacht model with fine-finished hull comes in minimalist tone of color with black and light blue with white stripes. 

It would be very unique if the house was decorated with a picture with half of the hull hanging on the wall, or a La Gaspésienne Painted ship. It’ll make a perfect gift for a home or office decorator, boat enthusiast, or passionate collector.

Museum-quality FRIESLAND Model Ship and Ferrari Hydroplane Half-hull

Decoration with Danmark painted 

Activities You Can't-Miss on Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is one of our favorite moments of the holiday season, the night you can relax after lots of prep—and hopefully check lots of fun activities off your Christmas bucket list—slow down, spend some quality time with your friends and family, and take part in some of your family favorite Christmas Eve traditions.

Gather around the Christmas tree with The QUEEN MARY MODEL CRUISE SHIP

If you have a big family, get everyone involved in a funny White Elephant game. There's no doubt you're in for a night of laughs with fun gag gifts or Christmas gift cards that'll have everyone stealing gifts left and right.

Have your family or friends put on their favorite outlandish tops and throw an ugly Christmas sweater theme night. At the end of the night, have everyone anonymously vote for the best (and by best, we mean worst) sweater and hand out candy prizes. Extra points to anyone who creates a DIY ugly Christmas sweater.

Create DIY Christmas cards with your kids on Christmas Eve that they can hand out to friends and family at your festivities the next day. These homemade cards would make the perfect finishing touch on your gifts. 

The People You Definitely Have To Be with and Give Them Gifts on Christmas Day

Some people find presents easy to find for close friends, small children, and significant others. However, there’s one group of people who are notoriously difficult to shop for: parents. After all, what can you get for the people who’ve already given you everything?

We've rounded up the Christmas gifts and home decor collection! CHECK IT OUT!